Hi there, friend! I’m Ariana (she/her), owner of Ariana del Mundo Photography, one half of the Ariana & Alex photography team, and the heart+brains behind the ADM Gryphon Grad Experience! I have been photographing grad sessions at UoG since the fall semester of 2016 and absolutely LOVE it!

From photographing four groups that first semester to booking out each fall and being sought after by students across the province, I have enjoyed getting to know every single student I’ve had the chance to work with!

I believe in celebrating your magic! So whether that's through a one-on-one grad session or photographing a large group of you and your friends, I'm all about capturing the magic of yourself and/or your relationships! 



Hi there! I'm Alex (he/him), the other half of the ADM team.  I started my undergrad at UoG shortly after Ariana and I got married in 2015. I graduated in the Spring of 2021 with a degree in Studio Art. Now I'm working full time in our business as a videographer, brand, and web designer.

I wear multiple hats when it comes to our ADM Gryphon Grad experience. I do all the photo editing for our sessions, and occasionally you'll catch me on campus doing a grad shoot!



Hey, I'm Arsalan (he/him). In my past life, I used to work as a mechanical engineer, but everything changed when the fire nation atta—actually I just didn't enjoy working as an engineer and pursued photography instead! Nowadays I spend most of my time helping couples capture their wedding days in a worry-free, natural way. I love working with grads because I get to meet so many different kinds of people! I can't wait to work together to make amazing images. :)


Associate Photographer

Hi, I'm Louelle (She/Her)! I will be your biggest hypewoman! My favourite things are trying new food places and going to MMA classes!


Associate Photographer

I'm Sophie (She/Her)! I love meeting new people and capturing your memorable milestones. Some of my favourite things to do are spending time at my cottage, seeing my girlfriends, and discovering new coffee shops! Additionally, I hope that we can make some memories together and have your graduation shoot be a day that you will remember and look back at forever. 


Associate Photographer

Hi I'm Alyse (She/Her)! I moved to Guelph 2 years ago so I'm also still learning about/exploring the city. I got into photography because of my grandfather originally but mainly because it helps me capture the beauty I see in all the people around me. Some of my favorite things are hiking, camping, my dog,  exploring new places, and paddleboarding in the summer.


Associate Photographer

I'm Taylor (She/Her), a recent Guelph Grad, graduating from a Bachelor of Arts & Sciences in 2020, a previous grad client of Ariana’s, I currently work for the University of Guelph and I recently graduated from a Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy, in Scotland and last year I back packed to 10 countries with my brother in 7 weeks. My favourite things: of course the University of Guelph, drinking tea (especially chai tea lattes from starbucks), therapy and travelling. 


Client Care Associate

Hi, My name’s Lauren (She/Her)! I’m 21 years old and part of a big blended family who I love. I can’t choose between being a cat person or a dog person and I (currently) want to be a massage therapist. Some of my favourite things are being immersed in nature, doing yoga, connecting with friends and family and learning!


Client Workflow Associate